• Faculty / Teacher Contact

    To contact individual teachers or instructors, parents are encouraged to utilize their Parent RenWeb Portal. This Portal is a tool to monitor and provide parents with the latest information about their student.


    ISA Business Manager> Mrs. Karla Blesh

    Mrs. Karla Blesh is responsible for the business office, school administration, finances and the admin staff. Email contact:  

    ISA Admissions Manager > Mrs. Ilse Chaigneau

    Mrs. Ilse Chaigneau handles all information and records requests (registrar function), enrollment applications, tours, shadow days, and marketing projects for the ISA. Email contact:  

    ISA After School Enrichment and Care Programs Manager > Ms. Becca King

    Ms. Becca King is responsible for the after school enrichment and care programs, staff and Early Childhood licensing. Email contact:

    ISA Operations Manager > Mr. Isaac Fagner 

    Mr. Fagner manages day to day business operations at the ISA that include facilities management, information and communications technology, contractor and project management. Email contact:  

    ISA Administrative Liaison > Mrs. Julie Camp

    Mrs. Julie Camp coordinates the administrative and planning functions for school academic operations. Email contact: 


    To contact other staff members, please call the school on 480-874-2326.

    ISA Board Of Directors

    As the ISA is a 501(c)(3) corporation, it has a governing board of directors. We encourage interested parties to learn more about the responsibilities of the Board and how to get involved.

    Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

    The Board is dedicated to the school’s mission of providing academic excellence through second language immersion. The Board has fiduciary responsibility for governance, policy-making, and strategic planning for our independent, private school. The Board is dedicated to the school’s mission and shall exercise general oversight of the management of the business and property of the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit Corporation.

    The Board consists of up to fourteen (14) members, who meet regularly and serve without compensation.  Board members may come from the ISA parent community, as well as from outside the community. All nominations for the Board of Directors shall be presented to the Board by the Governance Committee which seeks to balance the experience, skills and qualifications of the members.

    The Board has 5 specific responsibilities:

    1. To select the Head of School (HOS), approve his/her compensation, and evaluate his/her performance annually.
    2. To delegate to the HOS administrative functions, including the authority to admit or dismiss students, as well as to appoint or remove employees.
    3. To monitor the school’s financial health and management, approve capital expenditures, adopt annual capital and operating budgets, hold major fundraising events, and otherwise take steps that may be necessary to protect the financial stability of the school.
    4. To define and promulgate the general policies for the school necessary for its effective operation, including financial, employment, operating and educational policies and procedures, and to ensure their effective implementation.
    5. To advise the HOS and require specific board approval on matters that may have a material effect on the educational or financial health of the school.

    We are always looking for involvement from those who are industry experts and can help us focus on strategic issues and policies. Participation on a committee or task force is a great way to help ISA reach its fullest potential. Committees are permanent, while Task Forces dissolve when their goals are accomplished. 

    The Board is Currently Seeking Qualified Individuals for:

    • Finance Committee - creates long range financial plan, recommends policy regarding investments, and manages the master plan for the buildings and grounds.
      Experience desired: finance, accounting, nonprofit tax, and/or real estate financing
    • Audit Committee - evaluates the finance committee's oversight of the school's resources.
      Experience desired:  auditing, accounting, and/or nonprofit tax
    • Governance Committee - coordinates the identification, cultivation, recruitment, and orientation of new directors.
      Experience desired:  human resources, leadership, and/or marketing
    • Development Committee - coordinates the school's fund-raising activities, advises on capital campaign and endowment goals, and raises funds.
      Experience desired:  fundraising, capital campaign, public relations, communications, marketing, and/or grant solicitation
    • Policies Task Force - creating an ISA Policy Manual consisting of all existing policies and coordinating additional policies to be recommended for board approval.
      Experience desired:   legal and/or finance

    Interested candidates should send a letter and resume to the Board. To send the letter and resume, or just to contact the board, please use this email address: ISA Board of Directors 


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