• CLASSROOM Admissions for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

    We are seeking to grow our family even more! The International School of Arizona has long been transforming the lives of both the bright, motivated students and the teachers, coaches, advisors and faculty members who guide and mentor them. Our small class sizes create a dynamic, purpose-driven school environment where every student is known, challenged, nurtured and celebrated. ISA provides a comprehensive multilingual education that inspires our students to achieve academic excellence, advanced multi-language proficiency and global awareness. The International School of Arizona is truly unique.

    Founded over 21 years ago, the International School of Arizona has a rich history of creating an environment where our students thrive. Our education prepares our students with the ability to excel at top area high schools and the most prestigious universities in the world.

    While we challenge our students academically, we also encourage them to develop into mature, independent thinkers within a safe and enriching environment. At the International School of Arizona, we are small enough to know our students by name, while supporting them on their path to learning excellent study habits, writing skills, and developing meaningful friendships with their teachers and peers.

    We welcome new students to apply any time of the year and admission will be based on space availability.

    How To Apply

    We have a simple 4-step enrollment process for your child: APPLICATION

    1. Obtain application information by filling in the form here → Application Information
    2. Schedule a visit to our campus to determine if we are a good fit for your child. The only way to truly know if the International School of Arizona is perfect for your child is to experience it for yourself. When you arrive, you'll see how easily and naturally our students are learning a second language. By the time your tour ends, you'll realize we provide more than a first-class education; we prepare your child for a rapidly changing world with cultural skills, competitive advantages, and global perspective. 
    3. Apply year-round after completing your tour.
    4. Contact our Admissions and Accreditation Manager (see contact information below) to arrange a "Day In The Life / Shadow Day" for your child. We welcome children to join us to experience a day at ISA. Visiting students often experience how fun it can be to learn new languages when they realize that ISA doesn't teach Spanish or French, but teaches in Spanish or French. This allows new students to learn quickly and naturally, which helps to increase their confidence.

    Scholarships and tuition assistance is available - READ MORE !! 

    For further information and answers to your questions, please contact out Admissions and Accreditation Manager:

    Ilse Chaigneau
    Admissions and Accreditation Manager
    International School of Arizona
    480-874-2326 ext.88