• Student Curriculum, Student Behavior, Teacher Inquiries

    Micheline Dutil-Hoffmann - ISA Headmaster

    Email: mdutilhoffmann@isaz.org

    Phone: (480) 874-2326 X 814

    Accreditation, Early Childhood Licensing, Enrollment/Admissions, Tuition Inquiries

    Ilse Chaigneau - Admissions and Accreditation Manager

    Email: ichaigneau@isaz.org

    Phone: (480) 874-2326 X 88

    Parent Web Info, Attendance, Yearbook, School Photos/Supplies, Health Center

    Julie Camp - Administrative Liaison

    Email: jcamp@isaz.org

    Phone: (480) 874-2326 X 89

    Facilities/Janitorial, IT

    Adeline Pearson - Operations Manager

    Email: apearson@isaz.org

    Phone (480) 874-2326 X 813

    Lunch Program, Extended Care, After School Activities/Enrichment

    Genna Myhre - After School Enrichment & Care Programs Manager

    Email: gmyhre@isaz.org

    Phone: (480) 874-2326 X 807

    Tuition Bills/Financial

    ISA Accounting


    Press, Marketing, Sponsorship, Business Development

    Alexandra White - Marketing and Development Manager

    Email: awhite@isaz.org

    Phone: (480) 874-2326 X 818

    Spanish Curriculum

    Maria Mercedes - Spanish Program Director & Grade 1-2 Teacher

    Email: mvillamizar@isaz.org

    French Curriculum

    Catherine Thillier - French Program Director

    Email: cthillier@isaz.org


    If you cannot find who you are looking for, please check our staff directory.